Life Coaching from a First-Person Perspective

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Life coaching from a first-person perspective I am a life coach and my job is not to make you better than you are at the present moment. I am actually meant to assist you in getting better acquainted with a series of qualities that you have and that you sometimes fail to put into practice. The fact that you need me to provide you with information and support does not mean that you have a weakness, as it simply means that you need to be properly prepared before you embark on a self-gratification journey. You have everything you need for this respective journey and I simply have to teach you in regard to how you can best use these tools. We are first going to assess your qualities on account of your background with the purpose of knowing what are the fields that you excel in and use them to your own advantage. Similarly, by identifying your weaknesses we can address them directly and we are more likely to be able to avoid having you exposed. Our most important mission is to help you achieve progress in your domain without making you suffer in the process. You can actually keep many of your current privileges and still experience success in your endeavor. We need to get you physically and mentally prepared to close the deal that you are about to discuss with your company. One of the first issues that we need to address is your body. You need to understand that individuals who are physically fit are more likely to experience success. Being fit does not necessarily mean
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