Life Contrary to Specialization

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Specialization has always been a topic that many have not been able to comprehend. It is simply defined as one becoming an expert on only one thing and depending their life on that. It is common knowledge that Mother Nature dislikes specialization due to the fact that humans will eventually abuse of Mother Nature and they will take life for granted. Nature has always specifically disliked specialization due to the lack of human interest in other jobs leading them to be ultimately miserable in their lives. Mother Nature is a term used in association with the nature created around the world. It is given a female ideology because women bare children, and both baring a child and creating a world are similar since they both give life. Mother Nature always has hated when humans have specialized in a specific job, because Mother Nature does not exist to guide humans to learn specialization, on the contrary to guide humans into living a life a where you could do anything without difficulties. “It is my belief that a human imagination is shaped by the architecture it encounters at an early age” (Lopez 182), in the text presented by Lopez it provides belief that humans are “engineered” at an early to have a great imagination because Mother Nature guided humans in that direction. “the stupidest peasant or tribesman is more competent than the most intelligent worker or technician or intellectual in a society of specialist” (Berry 116). Berry demonstrates that specialization can
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