Life Core A Facility For Adults With Substance Addiction

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The names of the speaker was Stephanie Stout, which included Madison Nabors, and Dale Nabors, they all share employment at Life Core a facility for adults with substance addiction. Stephanie is a Peer Specialists that help clients recover from their addiction. I know a little something about how person acts after a drug overdose. The hospital that I work at drug overdose is common. I sit with a lot these patients because when they come out their comatose state, their first actions are to get out of or fight because they have no knowledge about how what happened or where they are. Some patients have to be restrained because when the drugs wear off, the first thing they want to do is leave the hospital. The hospital has a 72 hour hold on patients that are aware where they are and what happened that caused them to come to the hospital The presentation started with an introduction of the group of speaker and Dale Nabors got to go first, he talked about his road to recovery and how he was able to get a job at Life Core. Stephanie spoke about herself being someone who is in recovery. She spoke about the main thing that causes people to reach for drugs and that is that person is looking for a mood changer or something that would cause a mood altering experience. Her personal testimony is that she never felt good enough. She saw that the crowd she hung around with was always happy and her life was not going very well. Stephanie let us know that drug dependence is not prejudice, no
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