Life Cycle: Early Adulthood

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Now that I am twenty two years old, I found the early adulthood stage to be the most influential, and the most sensible one to relate to given the point that I am at in my life. More importantly, I decided to research and apply this life cycle stage to a variety of milestones, experienced by my interviewee, Chelsie. Living just houses apart, being raised by single fathers, Chelsie and I found that we had many things in common. We have remained friends since we were children, and have only grown to be closer into our early adulthood years. When Chelsie was 17, she moved out to Denver, Colorado to be with her mother. This was a significant time in her life due to absences that her mother had taken throughout Chelsie’s childhood, and adolescent years. Once she arrived in Colorado, Chelsie enrolled in a new high school to complete her senior year. Half way through that year, she met a man named Gavin, who became the love of her life as they developed a relationship together that they would forever cherish. After earning her high school diploma, Chelsie decided to seek employment. Soon after, Chelsie was faced with a life changing decision, when she realized that she was pregnant at 18. Supportively, Gavin and Chelsie stuck together, knowing how drastically both their lives were about to change. Nine months…
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