Life Cycle Impact Paper : A Focus On Adolescence And Mental Illness

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Life Cycle Impact Paper: A Focus on Adolescence and Mental illness Imari Peterson November 24, 2014 SWK305 Professor Holiday In research done by Carlton- Ford, Miller, Brown, Nealeigh, & Jennings (1995) they found that, “Epilepsy directly affects about 2.5 million individuals in the United States, and over half of the cases begin in childhood” (pg.283). This debilitating disorder can continue well into adolescent years and affect important developmental tasks. A human’s adolescent years are their crucial years to learn how to interact with family, friends, and education. An adolescent child who suffers from mental illness calls for thorough attention in those and many other areas of their life. The information provided should move parents to make sure that their child, who may suffer from a mental illness, is developing correctly at gradual increments. Important Development Tasks Throughout Adolescence During adolescent years, children are going through major differences physically and mentally. One of the most crucial transitions adolescence encounter is the search for identity. In research done by Jacobs, Bleeker, & Constantino (2003) they emphasized the idea that in adolescence, individuals finally become capable of thinking abstractly and are able to apply that thinking to the self, to others, and to features in one 's environment (pg. 40). When children who are in adolescence gain this ability to think deeply, they become more equipped to

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