Life Cycle Of A Car

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Christian Osso Rough Draft Steffen Holt Writ 102 The Life Cycle of a Car It 's hard to believe, but there are over a billion cars on the road today, and estimates predict that number will increase to 2.5 billion by the year 2050. The life cycle of a car has several different phases, and each has a greater impact on the environment than most people realize. Generally, people will buy a car, drive it for a few years, sell it, and never think about it again. The truth is, millions of cars are produced every year, and the effect that this is having on the environment is devastating. We are allowing the auto industry to deplete our natural resources, pollute our water supplies, and destroy the atmosphere. From the beginning of production, through its useful life, to the time a car ends up as junk in a landfill, it creates pollution. When you multiply that pollution by the number of cars on the road today, it quickly becomes clear that this is a problem of major proportions. It will take serious changes in our policies and behavior to reverse the hazardous path we are on, but I believe it can be done if we wake up and take action. The life cycle of a car begins long before it is assembled at the factory. First, materials for the production of its parts must be extracted from the earth. The average car consists of over 30,000 parts, like windshields, spark plugs, carburetors, nuts, bolts, seats, dashboards, and tires which are all produced in other
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