Life Cycle Of A Human Being Essay

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The life cycle of a human being can be analyzed as a circle. A baby depends on their caregiver to live; from eating to bathing a newborn needs assistance and guidance to learn how to become independent and perform activities of daily living. Similarly, the elderly population requires aid and advice to maintain independence in the later years of life. In this paper, I will discuss laws that have affected this community, services available in Florida to assist the elderly, the role of social workers in aged care and my personal experience being a caregiver for an elderly family member. Aging Services History Two federal acts have impacted the elderly. The first act took place in 1935; Title I forged a partnership between the federal government and various states to assuage old-age dependency. Title II required employers and employees in certain economic sectors to make contributions for workers ' eventual retirement. These measures guaranteed elderly citizens were guaranteed a minimal level sustenance to maintain independence in late life. (American Society on Aging, 2014) (National Association for Home Care and Hospice, 2015) Social Security did not grant old-age assistance to almshouse residents. This policy step hastened the demise of that dreaded institution; it prompted the private development of shared residences and shared housing arrangements for senior citizens. Subsequent amendments redirected U.S. social welfare and social service events; in 1952, Congress
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