Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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Lifecycle of a Butterfly Introduction Lifecycle refers to the stages of growth and development of a living thing. All living things go through different stages of development throughout their lives. Change in actions and behaviors are deeply associated with the changes in the stages of life. Butterfly is such an insect, which has a complete lifecycle consisting of four separate stages. In this paper, we will discuss the lifecycle of a butterfly in order to get an understanding of all stages of growth and development of a butterfly. Stages of Development A butterfly’s growth and development process is known as metamorphosis. There are four stages of development in the life of a butterfly. Each stage is unique and…show more content…
The head, thorax, legs, swollen abdomen, and wings come out of the shell one by one. A butterfly rests for a while in order to let its structures become dry and hard. Once the structures of a newly emerged butterfly become hard, it becomes ready to fly. A butterfly usually lives for two to three weeks. However, there exist some types of butterfly, which can live for months. Conclusion Summing it up, all living things go through different stages of development, which represent their lifecycles. A butterfly has four stages of life, which include egg stage, caterpillar stage, pupa stage, and the adult butterfly stage. A butterfly shows different nature and habits in each stage of life. An adult butterfly represents the last stage of a butterfly’s lifecycle in which a butterfly becomes ready to fly. References Ballard, K. (2009). Butterfly Life Cycle - The Caterpillar. Retrieved from Ballard, K. (2009). What Do Caterpillars Eat?. Retrieved from Barrett, M. (2011). What Is in a Butterfly’s Habitat?. Retrieved from Kumar, M. (2011). Things To Know About Butterfly Life Cycle. Retrieved from
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