Life Cycle with Air Jordan

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Life Cycle with Air Jordan Introduction Air Jordan belongs to a famous international brand called “Nike” which is a pair of legendary shoes. Nike, Inc. is an America transnational corporation that has its own design and technology, and it’s mainly products is clothes, shoes, and equipment etc. The Nike shoes also is one of fortune 500 company, and the rank of Nike, Inc. is 126. (A Time Warner Company, 2013) Different Nike’s Product have unlike Life cycle, because of epidemic and seasonality of product. That is why I introduce the Air Jordan XX8. This essay will told more detail on the next paragraph. Overview of the Company and Product The meaning of the Nike is the Greek goddess of victory and it is the world famous brand of sports…show more content…
For each collectors and Basketball players, this edition of Air Jordan XX8 is very expensive, and in China it just only has 800 pairs. The Air Jordan XX8 use the Market Skimming strategy, because it price is too high before it begin selling, and it have competitor called Adidas which might fight with Nike to gain more and more customers(Baike. Baidu. 2013). Air Jordan uses the advertising, personal selling public relation and promotion to sell their shoes. (Hall, D. et al 2010) Jordan and Nike become their own myths in the world and this is a pair of legendary basketball shoes of Jordan and Nike. Nike is very Resourceful Company, it knows to find the most famous player to sign and make a new shoes. This is one of Air Jordan successful place. In Houston, people can see the poster of Air Jordan on a Billboard. Customers also can buy much cheaper Air Jordan XX8 than local Air Jordan exclusive shop On the Internet. As a TV advertisement called “DARE TO FLY” (Video. Sina. 2013) Broadcast, more and more people know the Air Jordan XX8 and it sales volume also will increase. It is because the significance of Air Jordan XX8 that Nike launched souvenir edition of Air Jordan XX8. Actually, this action one more time let the Air Jordan XX8 get lots of customers and money. Air Jordan set up distribution channels to make them into customer’s hands. (Hall, D. et al 2010) Nike is a public company, therefore every country have

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