Life Cycles And Second Grade Students

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Teaching Life Cycles To Second Grade Students As students enter their second grade year it is crucial that they investigate the world around them. Part of that investigation involves learning about the basic life cycles of the animals that they commonly interact with. This paper will cover basic background information about animal life cycles that is necessary to teach this standard to a second grade audience. It will also outline specific strategies for teaching this content to second graders and support of why these strategies are effective. In this standard there are four sub categories that the students need to be familiar with. This includes life cycles for mammals, birds, amphibians, and insects. Each life cycle contains multiple stages that need to be addressed individually and carefully. The first of these four life cycles is mammals. Mammals differ from the other animals in this until because students may not know what exactly makes certain animals a mammal. It may be important to give students a basic overview that mammals are animals that are born live and they usually have fur. The example in this lesson will cover the life cycle of a cat. This includes the stages of birth, kitten, and adult.(Sexton, 2011) Many students should be familiar with this life cycle or may have even experienced it with their own pet. This is why it makes good building block to begin the unit. The next life cycle is birds. In this life cycle we will teach students that…
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