Essay on Life, Death, & What Dreams May Come

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Unconditional love can be described as a pure affection bereft of circumstance. It is a true positive regard of others that bares no judgment. In a sense, unconditional love has no boundaries. In the film What Dreams May Come, the boundary between life and death fades and a family’s bond is tested. Tragedy by tragedy, unconditional love and guilt play major roles in the defiance of the laws of death. Chris Nielsen, the main character of the film, travels to the depths of the afterlife to find his beloved wife Annie and restore his family. In an epic journey that questions the very fabric of reality and faith, the Nielson family overcomes all odds and is reunited in the end. Throughout the film, unconditional love is represented in the…show more content…
The Nielson’s genuine compassion for their young makes it exceptionally difficult to lose Marie and Ian later on. When both children are killed in a car accident on the way to school, the chain of misfortune begins to claim the family. Annie, who had the nanny bring the kids to school that morning due to a work commitment, blamed herself for the loss of her children. When the lives of children are taken too soon, it is as if they are cheated of having a chance at life, and the parents are punished for no reason. Upon realizing this, Annie is institutionalized for depression and suicidal tendencies. The film clearly shows Annie’s devastation by her appearance. Her long, brown hair is now chopped short and she smokes cigarettes. This physical deterioration coincides with the emotional trauma that occurs when a child dies. The loss of her children infected her heart with an unwarranted guilt that made her question her faith in herself, her religion, and her marriage. When Chris mentions getting a divorce because she is so lifeless, she realizes that losing the only love left in her life would kill her. Their unconditional love is strengthened by the loss and Annie learns to forgive herself over time. Forgiveness is often the first step, whether in saving a marriage or a long term emotional healing process. The next life that is lost occurs on the

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