Life During The Medieval Period

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Life during the medieval period in Europe was far more intricate than today 's media and pop culture portrays it to be. As a society we tend to focus on the more 'exciting ' aspects of the time rather than the actualities and hardships these people faced. We like to pay attention to the heroic tales of knights over the documentaries about war and the real life poverty that followed after. Little girls are read fairytales about love between royalty and commoners instead of being told of how women were treated with no intent of a happily ever after. Some lives may have consisted of these mythical acts but the everyday person living during this time went through more than an old tale could reveal. People of the Dark Ages did not live on a day to day schedule like modernized humans do. In fact, these people had no conception of time. Most, if not all, lives revolved around the seasons and, for those who worshipped, the sabbath. The world today revolves around time; everyone either wants more of it or wishes it would slow down. We have daily schedules that are planned down to the second and missing something by a measly minute can be seen as the worst thing. Commoners of the time also had no knowledge of the outside world. Some people had no clue where they were in the world and some were not even conscious of the fact that there was life outside their small village. Now, with having international up to date news coverage and social media sites, the concept of not knowing what
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