Life During the 1800s

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Life during the 1800s was already difficult for many people. When Civil War started, living became even more difficult for the most of the Americans. Civil War camp life was hard for most of the people .Northerners won the Civil War. Why did the Northerners win the Civil War? Is it because of the soldiers who worked together in the camps? Soldier’s life during the Civil War wasn’t easy. Soldier’s daily life was miserable. They had possibilities of getting killed. They had to deal with starvation, climate conditions, poor clothing and even routine between battles. During the fall, they would work on the winter camps but they would extend the stay at one place. Soldier’s life was bad and prisoner’s life was worse than the soldier. Conditions were so bad. Thousands of soldiers died while being held as a captive. Approximately 470,000 soldiers were held captive during the Civil War. In the camp life soldiers rested when possible. Soldiers were forced to call camp- home in their terms of service. Life in camp was very different for officers and enlisted men. Many soldiers’ camps were home for up to three years. Last two years of camp were good for soldiers. They had enough food and got use to living in camps. On an average day, soldiers were woken at daybreak to begin their day. They had drills in the morning and afternoon where they got trained for battle. Soldier’s mostly spent their time in the camp. Most of the men had diseases. Men had lice problems. They called lice as
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