Life Essay : The Day That Changed My Life

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I remember it like it was yesterday, the day that changed my life forever. On March 9th of 2011, my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer in her lung. The doctor gave her about six months to live and this is how it went.
It was a normal day, after school we got a text to come straight home right, no big deal right? I walked up the steps, dreading every step I took because she’s going to make me do dishes or something. I’m going to have to do a set of chores before I can leave again, normal day like I said. Little did I know, I would dreaded this day a lot more than expected. Once I seen the look on her face, I knew it wasn’t just dishes. She began to tell us to not be scared ,but she won’t be here for long. She has cancer and with only six months to live. I was in disbelief, shocked and all I could think is “how could you leave me like this?”, selfish right? I remember going down the stairs to sit in her car ,but she was too sick to drive, therefore, it would become mine. I sat there replaying a new Eminem CD over and over and over. So this is the beginning of a life-changing experience, your sweet 16 is supposed to be the best year of your childhood. Unfortunately, I will forever remember my 16 as the last year I kissed my mom , the last year I got to tell her something about my day and the last year she made me do dishes.
It was a normal day in first hour English class. Then door opened, it was an office aide, she walked over to me and slid a note on my desk. I have
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