Life Events In The Importance Of Life

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Life events are important in shaping character traits. You can find examples of this in Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, Drummer boy of Shiloh by Ray Bradbury, and The Tell-Tale Heart and Charles by EdgarAllan Poe and Shirlie Jackson. All of these stories shows examples of shaping the person you are.
First, you can see the shaping of a character in Flowers for Algernon in the choices that they made, the importance of life, and what could happen. Imagine if you were Charlie, you would have to decide what was right and what was wrong. Now Charlie as it stated on p.g.202 “Their going to use me! Im so exited I can hardly write.” , he was excited to be used so he thought it was right. Would you think it was right to let someone dig around in your brain to possibly make you smarter? Also the shaping of character is found in the importance of life in this short story. You would be surprised how much of a difference you make. If Charle didn’t become smart then he would not have been able to figure out what was happening to him and Algernon and keep others from doing the same. Once Charlie was back to normal his friends decided to help charlie and that made a big difference for Charlie. Finally, what could happen if you had to make a choice like Charlie did. In the short story you could see as Charlie progressed he started to lose happiness. Also Charlie didn’t realize the cost of getting smarter, he quit his job “which he loved” as it stated on p.g 212 “I’ve quit my job with
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