Life Expectancy : Total Population

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66,259,012 (2014 est.)
Life Expectancy:
Total population – 81.66 years
Male – 78.55 years
Female – 84.91 years
(2014 est.)
Literacy Levels:
99% (2003) of the total population aged 15 and over can read and write.
The average student will spend an average of 16 years in their education from primary to tertiary education (2011).
Standards of Living:
In France, the standard of living is the highest of many areas, but also very low in others. 7.9% of the total population are below the poverty line with a monthly budget of 949 euros ($1,356). In some areas of France, the top 20% of wealthiest households earn eight times more then the lowest 20% cent. The average annual income for a family in France is between 10,000 ($14,300) and 40,000 ($57,100) euros. Also, 64% of people aged 15-64 are employed at a paid job with the average hours of 1,479 per year. 79% of people in France are satisfied and have positive experiences regarding their standard of living.

The entire population of France is supplied with a good level of improving sanitation with easy access to fresh-drinkable water. 87% of households are satisfied with their form of housing which has an average of 1.6 rooms per person.

Role of the Family, Child-Rearing Practices and Cultural Views on Children
Main Family Types and Structures
In France, there are 3 main types of domestic units (or le ménage’s) traditionally found, the patriarchal family, the stem family and the nuclear family (which is most dominate
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