Life Experience Report: My Stay in the US and Academic Interest

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Introduction I am a second generation Indian with a Hindu background, born and brought up in the United States. I am a high school junior and I really want to express my great interest in applying for the college that offers medicine courses which I truly believe will be the key for my goals in life to widen my knowledge horizon. When I was in a high school junior, I majored in some subjects that were related to what I wished to pursue in my college; this has been my preferred area of study because it includes nearly all major research themes suiting my interests. My strong interest is to pursue a course in Medicine given that; I want to know how greatly the career has helped in resolving the problems of health issues in the United States. My curiosity of wanting to know more in the field of Medicine has played an important role in the growth of my career. Having been brought up in the U.S. culture, even though I have a Hindu background, it has been very hard for me to adapt to the American culture, but with time, I slowly adapted to their cultures although there was a very wide gap between the two cultures. In short, this paper analyzes my personal background as well as describing an encounter which demonstrated the importance of diversity to me. My personal perspectives, life experience during my stay in the U.S. and academic interest have really played much to my educational mix. Conversely various encounters have on the other hand, demonstrated the significant of
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