Life Experiences That Influenced My Academic Career

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Running Header: LIFE EXPERIENCES 2 Life Experiences that Influenced My Academic Career My collegiate career began in August 1999, only a few months following my high school graduation. Most of my classmates had gone through the process of submitting college applications and applying for scholarships and financial aide, signing military contracts and receiving funds for school via those means, in fact, many had post graduation plans before we reached ninth grade. That was not my reality however. I had plans, but they had nothing to do with attending college, pursuing scholarships or financial aide, or even joining the military. My plans were on the total opposite end of the spectrum. My intentions were to relax for the next year and enjoy some perks of being “out of school.” The justification for this extreme slacker mentality was solidified by possessing my diploma. No one had graduated high school in my immediate family except my mother. Honestly speaking, no one besides my mom had attained success beyond 11th grade. There was no one who could contest my decision to suspend my educational endeavors until I decided to reengage. Prior to this place in life I had been provided a false sense of reality, in that, there was a notion that I could get by on talent alone. As a result of this ideology, instead of pursuing greatness, whether it was by way of great opportunity, or exercising the habits and practices of the great people around me, I would prefer to do what felt good,

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