Life Factors Affecting A Person 's Life For The Better Or Worse

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Life factors can have a significant impact and effect on a person 's life for the better or worse. My smart measure score was 72 percent out of hundred. Time being the most reasonable concern scoring on 50 percent. Due to my other commitments being a wife and mother these responsibilities affects my studies and time but not in a bad way. Following with 65 percent, Skills 70 percent, Place 75 percent, and at 100 percent is the Reason. Especially this semester being a fast-tracked class in summer when my kids are home and renovation going on in my house. Juggling between my class and kids swimming lesson, to karate practices, bike riding, and playdates. At first, I did not want to take any time out of my children fun summer for my studies, but then my husband convinced me to take at least one course. Despite all of these activities with the help of my husband and kids, I was able to take the time out for my studies. Time being the biggest factor that impacts my studies. However, I guess to gain something we need to sacrifices some things. That sacrifices frequently comes from my sleep or exercise time. Nonetheless, I have managed all of that while studying as my kids do karate practice and swimming lesson or taking an hour a day to keep up with the course work. There are days when I can barely stay focused and question myself of why am I working hard and stressing. Then I have to remind myself of my life and career goals. That I will not let
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