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The quote I pick was "Life for me isn't no crystal stair. So boy don't you turn back now".

This quote is strong to me by the mother telling the son to not turn back and keep moving forward. It's personal to me. When I was in first grade I saw a little kid younger then me getting pushed around. I saw it happening to him for days. At first, I didn't think about it too much. Then after a few years later. The same boy came up to me when I felt sad and looking down at my whole life. It was a stage where I couldn't tell no one how I felt or what's going on in my life. He saw me walking pass him every time he got pushed around and still her came to me. He told me the same thing as the quote '' Javier, I know that your passing though a rough time but it's time to stop crying and make something out of it. Move forwards.''I
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Toby never seen his mom so happy and how she got her freedom that made her ''transform''. Now she can do whatever she wants and be free. That quote is important to toby and I understand why. His mother and him are feeling good. His mother is free and toby is happy because, of that.

I support both of these thesis because, the first quote tells you about to not turn back and that life isn't easy. It's also useful for the people who need help. It tells you to not turn back or run away it tells you to go forwards and keep moving one way or another. The second quote tells you about how important it is to respect your family and to feel happy to others. It has told me how good it is to appreciate how you look at things and how storng it means to feel good for other people.

The two main point of the quotes were to keep moving forwards and to appreciate other success. The quotes lead to the stories and it started by the story's setting and
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