Life, Growth, And Separation

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Personally Relating to Themes

I can personally relate to the theme for “Salvation.” Although I do believe that Jesus is real, I have experienced a loss of my childlike innocence and faith in the belief that everything my elders tell me is the truth. For example, I am sure that most of us grew up with stories of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, among others. As a child, I believed that these people were real. However, as I grew up I began to realize that these were just stories that our parents told us to make us behave. Additionally, I can relate to the theme of life, growth, and separation. At my age, I have had numerous human experiences that have added meaning to my life and made me see myself as an adult. Plus, I have experienced the separation of myself from my parents which has helped me to form my own beliefs and become my own person. I think that the intended purposes of this story and its theme are to persuade the audience to belief in these ideas, and for entertainment. I can also personally relate to the theme for “Who Will Burn Incense When Mothers Gone?”. I have already addressed how I can relate to the theme of separation and growth. In addition, I have experienced a sense of loss of tradition in my family as I have grown older. As a child, I can clearly remember many traditions my family took part in. For instance, we put our Christmas tree up every year on my mother’s birthday because it was a few weeks before the…
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