Life Has Undergone A Series Of Experiences

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In my short stay of about six months in this beautiful country, life has undergone a series of experiences, some good and some not so good. Being an optimistic person I would definitely like to carry forward all the good ones ahead in life but the bad ones also need little introspection. One of the experiences I would like to talk about here is the issue related to finding a job. With so much inflow of people each year in this country finding a job is a tuff call. People usually land up in this country with a number of degrees an years of work experience. One usually starts up with online application to the jobs one finds that he or she could fit in as she has that knowledge and experience which the job demands, but ultimately the e-mail inbox gets filled up with negative responses. The next step the migrants usually take is searching for any odd job with printed CV’s in hand and directly approaching places, that’s where one gets to see the real picture. You are actually denied the job because of your ethnicity or the colour of skin. It was actually surprising encounter in this part of the world. I have experienced that Indians or broadly I can even say Asians are just looked down upon I don’t know for what reasons? Especially when it comes to initial employment opportunities this is the scenario faced by many of us here, so I would actually like to elaborate on Racial Discrimination in relation to employment. Migration is in itself a big step in life but it’s not an easy
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