Life History of Siddiqure Rahman

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When we think of golf in Bangladesh, the name of Siddiqur Rahman, a prominent golf star of Bangladesh, is pronounced first of all. Siddiqur Rahman had passed his boyhood days through severe hardship. He had a childhood life of struggle and spent his days in utmost misery. Golf in Bangladesh is a game totally for the privileged quarter but glory of Siddikur Rahman can only be termed as a fairy tale. Proving him as was not just a one-match wonder. He had to work extremely hard to climb out of the poverty of his birthplace, Dhamalcoat, a slum-like area in the capital city. He is making a name for himself and for his country on a global stage. It can indeed be termed as a fairytale that a boy from Madaripur, despite all the
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There was determined competition and only three candidates out of more than 40 were chosen. Among the lucky three was Siddiqur Rahman. After being chosen a sparkling eyed Rahman says “The Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club invited us to represent Bangladesh on October 14, 1999 in Lahore, Pakistan and it was my first international tournament". Out of the three Bangladeshi amateurs to compete in that tournament, Rahman performed the best. He felt really good after that game. It gave him an idea how people played at the international level and he became very confident that he would improve in the future. But playing in tournaments, national or otherwise, requires not only financial solvency because of the expensive equipment involved in it but also time and dedication. All the costs that the team had to bear abroad were being taken care of by the Bangladesh Golf Federation and they continue to back these promising youngsters.
Rahman has had a number of awards and his trophies include the Champion trophy of the 2001 Bangladesh Open Amateur Tournament sponsored by Partex, becoming the first Bangladeshi to confirm the title. He won in Bangladesh again at the Bangladesh Amateur Tournament in the beginning of 2005, after having been the runner-up the two previous years. In 2003, he became the runner-up at the SAARC Golf Tournament, after having confirmed two championship trophies in 2002 and 2003 in the Dutch-Bangla Pro-Am Championship.
His other proceeds include the Nepal

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