Life In My Life

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Both death and life are an inevitable part of everyone's journey. Up until this point in my life I had believed that the two were opposites and happened very far apart from one another in time. But today was the day that I learned a very valuable lesson. Life and death go hand in hand and sometimes at the most unforeseeable times. Ever since the events that occurred this day my perspective on the world has never been the same. I value the love and time spent with the people I have in my life now and I frequently look back to the memories of the ones that I have lost.
It was November 21st.. The weather was nice and warm that day, fall always seemed to be in Florida around this time of the year. But it wasn't just any day for me, it was my 11th birthday and I was so thrilled. My house was full of large helium balloons, streamers that said "Birthday Girl" on them, colored ribbons in the kitchen and living room since early that morning because my mother always went all out on me back when she still considered me to be too young to do it myself. The whole family was beginning to arrive. Along with them came the mountain of presents that began to increase in size with every loved one. Walking through the house I could hear laughing and talk of the upcoming sporting events. Everyone greeted me on their way in mentioning how "big I have gotten" and how much I "look just like your mother" and some asking how school was going. It was really nice having the whole family together
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