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Twelve years in school have taught me a lot and taken me down a lot of paths. Paths that have been traveled by many before me. I’ve crossed paths with many faces, some who I became friends with, some whose faces just became one of the many in a crowd. Twelve years can also, be called a decade which is a substantial amount of time. Therefore, I think I’ll start at the beginning. Looking back on my elementary years, I don’t recall much other than recess and lunchtime. I do remember my middle school and high school days. I made close friends during those years friends that I still speak to till this very day. Friends that I share bonds and memories with.
In school I have always been the prepared one, I have always been the one to do assignments weeks, days, months (if possible) before things are do. I’m like my mom in that way getting things out of the way and doing them as early as possible. I have always been thorough not only in my studies but in my assignments. School for me has always been positive. I suppose because I’m friendly and good at making friends. I have never hesitated to ask someone what their name is, or to ask a question in class, if I don’t understand the lesson. My experiences have always been positive because I get my work done and make good friends.
My experiences in grade school, middle school and high school have all shaped me not only as a student but as a person. Ever since I could remember all my teachers, my mom, my family and those around me have
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