Life In Prison Vs. Death Penalty

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Life in Prison Vs. Death Penalty
There are many things that Americans do not think about on a daily basis. One of these things are the ways that we punish people for committing a capital crime. There are two ways of thoughts that are interconnected to the apposite punishment of those who commit a capital crime, and while the death penalty and life in prison have a variety of differences there are some similarities that should be taken into consideration. Furthermore, when you think about these you should wonder what would you choose if you had to punish someone. Would you think about giving them an easy punishment or maybe, “Let the punishment match the offense.” (Cicero)? Have you ever wonder about how much it costs to have someone put to death? Many people do not realize that the death penalty costs people many things. It costs money and even the death of someone who was loved. You probably do not think that it matters that someone who was loved was killed; however, it does matter to those who loved the person. A man by the name of Jack Stopher said, “You execute the person, but you also engulfed the hearts and the minds of the people that loved them.” Jack Stopher is a dad whose son is on the death penalty. By him telling us about his experience, we learn about a side of the death penalty that most people will not consider. The side that he showed us is the side of the families of the perpetrators. Which is a side that most of us do not want to know about? The cost

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