Life In The No Dating Vow Essay

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The Changes in Characters and Their Reality of Being Straight Forward There are changes in many of the characters when we compare them from the beginning of the story to the end, but the person which changes the most would be the character Claire. Towards the end of “Life in the no-dating Zone”, she successfully changes for the better. Throughout the story, Claire starts off by having a certain view and belief on dating, but as the time passes she builds up more intrigued with Grey. So should she break her no dating vow? She ends up coming to the realization that she made the vow not to protect herself, but to protect her parents. She comes to this realization through Grey, he tells her to realize that her parents relationship has nothing…show more content…
Even though she is honest and straight forward with people most of the time, she has struggled being honest with both her parents and Grey. It takes her a very long time to finally talk to her parents about the true reason why she made the no dating vow. “Claire told Nyssa to talk to you.” (Page 51) “I gave her my standard ‘talk to him’ advice.” (Page 53) Since she’s made a vow it takes her a while before admitting to Grey that she likes him. Even after she admits that she likes him she is hesitant on breaking her vow in order to date him. “I broke my dating vow. I broke my vow and talked to my parents and things were seriously weird, but it’s all out there now.” (Page 307) Out of all the characters, I believe Claire is the person that changed the most through the book. She changed in a very positive way. Claire gets over her nerves and talks to her parents and becomes more honest and straight forward with them. Also, Claire decides to break her no dating vow. She makes her decision on what benefits both her and Grey. Now that she has decided to break her vow, they both can have a relationship and find love with one another. “I’ve just fallen in love with bowling.” (Page 311) “And I’ve just fallen in love with popcorn.” (Page
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