Life In The Secret Anne Frank

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What was life like in the secret Annex? Life in the secret annex no one knew what the outside world was like since they left their homes. Living in the Annex was crammed, small, and quiet. These families, The Franks, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel, lost all of their freedoms and all of their other daily activities that they do. The secret Annex was extremely different from their everyday life at home. While in the Annex these families lost a fine amount of their money on food they got from Miep and Mr. Kraler. When I was reading The Diary of Anne Frank at first I thought the secret Annex was a warm and welcoming place, but now I believe that the secret annex is not a fair place to live with multiple people.

How did these people
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In the Secret Annex there was a tiny attic, two tiny bedrooms, a kitchen, a ‘living room’, and a WC { the bathroom }. In the tiniest bedroom is where Peter Van Daan sleeps along with his cat Mucci. In the other tiny is where Anne and Mr. Dussel sleep. In the ‘living room’ is where Mr, Mrs, and Margot Frank sleep. In the tiny attic is where Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan sleep. The Annex is very crammed and small. One page, 356 Mr Frank told Anne, “Anneke we are safe here in this small Annex.” The Secret Annex is hidden behind a large, book case. Mr. Kraler stated,” You most likely need to unbolt the door and we will have to move the bookcase.” In the Annex these families had to be completely silent. The play The Diary of Anne Frank, Mr. Frank said, “We have to be quiet at all times.” Life in the Secret Annex was small, crammed, and…show more content…
The Franks, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel lost their freedom by having to give up their most valuable items. For example, they lost their homes, clothes, and food. They weren’t able to use running water during the hours of eight am to six pm. In addition to that they had to burn their trash and not throw it away. They had to do this since the Green Police could question Miep and Mr. Krawler about why they had so much trash if it's just the two of them. Furthermore Mr Frank said, “ You all must take off your shoes between the hours of eight am to six pm.” They’ve lost every valuable item they’ve ever
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