Life In the Wild West

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The American Frontier, or as it was also known, the Wild West was a time between the 1770s and the late 1900s. The Wild West consisted of the and west of the Mississippi river. This time period lasted for about thirty years, and during this time there were a variety of people that roamed around the towns such as outlaws, lawmen, Native Americans, townspeople, and cowboys. Out in the Wild West the towns were small but, for the size of them, they were called 'home' for many people. The Wild West started near the time if the California Gold Rush and it lasted to nearly the end of the century. The Wild West came into existence because of the exploration beyond the Appalachian mountains, and this exploration allowed this small area of land to grow and expand within a short period of time and it started to also allow the population to grow. Overtime, the government learned that it would not be easy trying to catch the outlaws, but eventually they made it possible for the people to feel safe once again. Back in the Wild West, it was sort of hard for people to differentiate between just normal citizens and outlaws because they just in essence looked just like a normal townsperson. The outlaws in the towns consisted of beer drinkers, and lynchers, which was the one designated man of the group to do all of the ‘hanging’. These outlaws would play games of crap, roulette, blackjack, poker, and monte. Outlaws were not the only bad guys in town, there were also many

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