Life Insurance

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.. TABLE OF CONTENTS STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN DEFINES SALES SUCCESS IN TWO LEADING LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Target companies: AVIVA Life Insurance Pvt Ltd. 1] Executive summary: The research is to be conduct how each company has performed in sales and the improve effectiveness of selling process. Research objectives and aims are to compare the performance of the AVIVA and HDFCSLI. As this research studying based on the Indian market, the research is proceeding in Bangalore, which is one of the main city in India. Research mythology is proceeding under collecting data of the current status of the both company and from the people to know the brand awareness and the purchasing behaviour when buying life insurance policies.…show more content…
Determining the intermediaries in the market place This is to establish why these intermediaries selected the company and its services, rather than the services of its competitors. In addition, the research evaluated how the company image enhanced the over all sales processes , through all the company communications. Contact with head office, agents and inspectors , promotional material sent to intermediaries , and information on new products , proposal forms , company information, etc Determining the insurer’s own agents and sales force This was to determine whether those members of the sales team were communicating the right image and sales message effectively. In addition, this research is designed to determine whether their sales techniques and methods were ‘synergistic’ with other aspects of the marketing mix, such as advertising and promotions All the findings are based on the survey research method. Data Collection Methods: 1. Primary Data: Questionnaire Detail analysis of data collected through questionnaire: To evaluate various need of customers for Life Insurance and their Purchase behaviour. To know the level of brand awareness of the company among the Consumers. Limitations of the study As this research is focussed on limited group and a limited area space it is not enough to study
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