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Life Review Interview Aminata Conteh Professor Sandra Hill-Williams SOWK 505 8-18-2012 Introduction When I saw Ms. Mary Walker, the word “Old” does not even cross my mind. I was very surprised when I found out her age. It seemed strange that a woman of this age could show so much youth, little wrinkles, mobility, and did not cough every ten seconds as an indicator of good health. Identifying her as an individual in the 68 + age range seemed misleading but a glance at her salt and pepper afro provided some proof. A natural inquisitiveness in me wanted to know her secret. Luckily, I was given an assignment that appeared to be perfectly suitable to ask all the right questions-A Life Review. I had seen Ms. Walker several times in my…show more content…
As grandmother, she enjoys the position of the matriarch. She has estimated forty grandchildren and about twenty great-grandchildren. Although she has not met all of grandchildren, she is hoping that sometime during the remainder of her life she will have the opportunity to build relationships with all of them. Social/Historical/Environmental Influences Ms. Walker has lived through several historical events. She recalls the World War II as an event that affected her early childhood. Her parents received rations of food and clothing from the federal government, which limited their material possessions. She stated this was the time she first realized that she was poor. Like other African Americans, the Jim Crow laws affected almost every aspect social of life during pre -civil rights movements. She can remember instances of racism where she was served food through the back door, using segregated public bathrooms, and reading old school books that came from white schools. She noted that America has come a long way from the days of Jim Crow. The vindication of Barack Obama as the first black president of the United States is proof of America’s progression in race relations. Global Assessment The support of the family is the most positive aspect of family life. The rise of single parent homes has produced a negative change in family life stating that single mothers are too often bearing the burden of raising
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