Life Is A Constant State Of Creation

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As writer Sharon Moalem said, “life is in a constant state of creation.” (Survival of the Sickest, paperback version, p.139), and it is true. For centuries organisms have been changing and ‘creating’ entire new species to be able to survive and reproduce. Evolution, the process in which all living beings have been developing from their earlier forms, occurs over and over again and will continue doing so to be able to keep the species alive and well fit to live in their current given environment.
Humans, for example, did not always have so much fat on their bodies,“prominent noses with nostrils pointed downward,” (Survival of the Sickest, paperback version, p.196), and being a bipedalism species . In fact the Homo sapiens were believed to have started off, as Elaine Morgan put it, “hairy quadrupeds with no language,” (Survival of the Sickest, paperback version, p.196) and left the Pliocene era “hairless, upright and discussing what bananas they liked best (Survival of the Sickest, paperback version, p.196). Over centuries, after humans figured out how to walk on two feet, we began evolving bigger brains, which would require bigger skulls. Because of this, even the process of birthing was created, or evolved, into a whole different routine. The female human 's pelvis became twisted to support the weight of her body on two feet, and it created a much tighter squeeze for the baby’s head to fit through the birthing canal. To allow the baby’s head to fit through the safely, the…
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