Life Is A Mystery, By Henry Miller

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Life is a mystery, yet most of us seem to think we have it all figured out. I believe a person has no inkling of what it is to live life, without having a purpose, humbleness, and humanity. Henry Miller quoted --"Man has demonstrated he is master of everything—except his own nature" I couldn 't agree more. Human nature can be very complex to understand considering our thoughts and motives are usually driven by emotions. To think of people as being good or bad, is too general and simple, we cannot truly be defined in that way.

When we are born we don’t know what it means to be good or bad. As babies we start off like clay and is molded, shaped, and formed by environmental factors, culture, and intuition. Some may say why intuition? I say intuition because we all have a conscious ( a inner voice) that speaks to us, sometimes it 's a feeling you get in your gut. For example, my friends may want to hangout late night, maybe go out for drinks, my conscious may tell me –if you go out tonight your going to be late for school in the morning and then you may have another thought, telling you that you 'll be fine go ahead and have fun. Intuitively we get a feeling about whether something is right or wrong.

Since it 's safe to say there is no perfect person, then I think it 's safe to say that we all make mistakes. Does our mistakes define us? No, we are not our mistakes. Just as The Great Muhammad Ali quoted-- "It 's the repetition of affirmation that leads to belief. And once…
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