Life Is A Precious Thing, Death Is The Great Evil

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“Life is a precious thing, death is the great evil”, said by Heinrich Heine who is a famous poet. So we can know that life is the most important thing for every single life entity. There are a lot of words that can modify life, such as important, precious, formidable and so on. The reason why there are so many good vocabulary can modify life is nobody want to lose their own life. It is clear that not only human, but also animals cherish their own life. According to the utterance which Heine said, we should not kill anyone. However, the life is also cruel. Crime is happens every day and some of them can not be excused. People may do some wicked things for some reasons. In this case, the death penalty is the way that can punish them and caution other people and it is necessary to have death penalty.
Death penalty can influence a lot of people who consider to do something bad. People may do something wrong in some situations. When people are angry, they can not think with their brain. They will think with their emotion. If there does not have a strict punishment after he did the wrong thing, people will do it. But if they will lose their own life after they kill someone or do something else, they will think about it is necessary or not. Is it worth their own life to do that? This is a question the people will ask themselves before they do something wrong if we have the Death penalty. “Readers of the 1978 report of the NRC Panel on
Research on Deterrent and Incapacitative
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