Life Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease And The Mortality Rate

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R. D. Laing made the statement, “Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent.” This becomes apparent in Stephenie Meyer 's bestselling series Twilight. Twilight is about a teenage girl, a vampire, and a werewolf. Isabella Swan moved to a small town in the state of Washington and while there she fell in love with some supernatural beings. What Laing is saying about the mortality of humans is thrown out the window when vampires are involved, but the mortality of humans is still a major plot point in these books. Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, and Bella Swan are perceived as metaphors for the darker parts of mankind’s existence.
Even though he is one of the protagonists, Edward is a stalker. Herold explains, “He sneaks into Bella 's bedroom at night to watch her sleep. He follows Bella; some even state Edward actually stalks Bella. He has a difficult time controlling his urge to drink her blood and to kill her” (Herold). Edward’s obsession for Isabella Swan is being mistaken for overwhelming love. He wants their relationship to be chaste until they are married because does not want her to get hurt. In Lev Grossman’s article he mentions that, “It’s never quite clear whether he wants to sleep with Bella or rip her throat out”(TIME). In the end he does have sex with her and kills her. Edward does, however, refrain from acting on his desires until after marriage. His impulses are seen as acceptable ones because he is a dominant…
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