Life Is All About Decision Making It’S The One Important

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Life is all about decision making it’s the one important tool you need in life to become successful. There are many factors that go into decision making however in certain situations there are different ways to approach a specific decision. The 4 styles of decision making are directive, analytical, conceptual, and behavioral. These styles are good to use in certain situation however for this assignment we must choose one style. In order for you to understand why I am choosing one style over the other three I need to explain each them to you. The directive approach rely on their own knowledge, experience and judgement. The analytical approach involves analyzing large amounts of data before making your decision. The behavioral approach tries…show more content…
Using the directive approach Daniel thinks maybe Harvard University would be the best school for him. Daniel is making his decision off of his own information about Harvard University. He knowns Harvard is a very prestigious school and that it will benefit him. Daniel made this decision very quickly and has failed to realize that Harvard’s engineering program is direct admission and he missed the deadline to apply this means he will have to have behind a year in the engineering program or he will have to switch majors. With the directive approach the person usually does not know all of the information needed to make the correct decision like in Daniel’s case where he failed to realize that he missed the deadline to apply for the engineering program. Daniel’s decision was made to quickly he might need to come up with a better decision one that is more thought out. Daniel needs to think long and hard about his decision because college is very important. Daniel should maybe consider another approach to further consider his remaining college choices. Daniel is think about using the conceptual approach to make his decision. Daniel is using the conceptual theory to try and make his college decision. When using the conceptual theory he has chosen to attend Washington University in St. Louis. This is also a very prestigious school that has great tradition and good academics it is one of the top schools in the country. Daniel
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