Life Is All About Making Right Decisions At Right Time

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Life is all about making right decisions at right time. Sometime reaching to an ethical and just resolution or decision could create substantial emotional and mental response for the time being but it can have a long lasting fulfillment and gratitude in life life in the the long run . Every day we are faced with hundreds of decisions, large and small, that affect us and our society for better or worse. After careful consideration as a Public Health Student I think that Josephs decision of not administering of SARS vaccination is non ethical, unresonable and self centered because it 's affecting health and well being of a community. If we consider the case on moral grounds with regards to right or wrong we all need to be aware of what are…show more content…
According to the article " Public Health Strategies and the Police Powers of the State" Jorge.E.G suggested about rebalance between public vs. private rights as an "An individual must give up some personal freedom in exchange for the benefits of being in a civilized society"
In the equal protection clause of Civil and Constitutional rights of Fourteenth amendment no one has a right to life or any due process to use another human 's body or body parts against their discretion. However, injection of mandatory vaccination is not forcing a person to donate kidney or impose abortion. In order to have a functioning society its important to accept, approve and respect others rights.

In order to justify why Joseph was wrong we will have to understand the basic requirement of Vaccines in todays society particularly their role and functions. and also to take into account that does the vaccines really expose us to dangerous components? What is the the probability of contracting a specific disease? The effectiveness of a vaccine. Does the risks outweigh the benefits? Does the vaccines actually prevent an epidemic before its
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