Life Is All About Perspective

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Alita Kendrick
ENG 124
Final Essay
Life is all about Perspective

Moment 1: Timestamp 1:12:40 – 1:13:50

This scene begins with the camera using a straight angle, eye level shot and switches between Alex’s (Chris) facial expressions and shots of his surroundings from his point of view. McBride describes point of view as “a shot from a particular character’s subjective perspective as if seen through that character’s eyes.” (McBride 188) The use of this technique gives the viewer a realistic view of what Alex sees and feels as he walks through the streets of Los Angeles. Whenever we see the various shots of other people, from Alex’s perspective, there is a split second freeze frame. The usage of this technique leaves a bigger impact on the audience and exemplifies the discomfort that Alex feels. This scene also has a low shutter speed, which makes it feel like you’re walking through the city –again adding to the realism of the scene. The lighting of this scene changes often and is mostly very dark; at some points all we see is a silhouette of Alex. This lighting choice gives the scene a negative, depressing, atmosphere.
At 1:13:15 there is a change in location; we see Alex walking through a tunnel next to a street as an ambulance drives behind him. This shot is filmed from the front with a long focal length and a selective focus on Alex’s silhouette. This long focal length paired with the Ambulance staying behind him (as opposed to driving past him) makes it feel like Alex…
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