Life Is Beautiful And The Novel `` Survival `` Auschwitz ``

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Throughout the movie “Life is Beautiful” and the novel “Survival in Auschwitz” are showing the harsh times of the Holocaust. The Holocaust affected millions of people for the rest of their lives. Both Primo Levi (the main character in Survival of Auschwitz) and Guido (the main character in Life is Beautiful) suffered through the dehumanization process, working long harsh hours, but the effects of the dehumanization differ through each main character. Primo and Guido are of the Italian descent and speak Italian. In the concentration camps, many different languages were spoken among the prisoners, resulting in many not being able to communicate with one another. The incapacity to communicate took away the beauty in language with the vague guessing of what another person was trying to say. As Primo states,”I understand that they are ordering me to be quiet, but the word is new to me, and since I do not know its meaning and implications, my inquietude increases. The confusion of languages is a fundamental component of the manner of living here…(Survival of Auschwitz, 25)”. This demonstrates that the language barrier forced on prisoners only further dehumanizes them. Similarly, in the scene of Life is Beautiful,”The guards asks for a translator to translate what he is saying to the prisoners. Guido volunteers even though he does not know how to speak any German. (Life is Beautiful)” The reason behind this is to strengthen his humanity again by being someone important to the

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