Life Is Defined By All The Living Creatures On Earth

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Life is defined by all the living creatures on earth. Biology is a broad topic of the study of life. Biology contains many different types of subjects within it that may be studied, like terrestrial or aquatic animals, or viruses and diseases. Here I will be talking about twelve of the millions of parts: Characteristics of life and kingdoms, biomolecules, nature and the importance of water, cells, energy and the carbon cycle, cell division through mitosis and meiosis, the central dogma through DNA/RNA and proteins, genetics and inheritance, evolution, energy through food webs and food chains, symbiotic relationships, and human impact. There are seven different characteristics of life. These characteristics are known as organization or structure, reproduction growth and development, adaptation, stimulus response, and evolution. After going through the list proving that the organism is alive, the organism is set into one of three domains: bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes. The eukarya are known to have a nucleus and membrane bound organelles. Bacteria are characterized by having a cell wall, by made from peptidoglycan. Archaea are characterized by having no nucleus, but having a cell wall that isn’t made from peptidoglycan. All of the eukarya are organized into different groups called taxes or taxis (Anderson). The eight different taxis in order from biggest to smallest are domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. For example in domain, there
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