Life Is Filled With Beautiful And Loving Moments

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Life is filled with beautiful and loving moments until you experience the unimaginable. Mid-April around eleven o’clock at night my parents and I were just arriving home from a family dinner party at my aunt’s house. My dad pulled up to the driveway as we were all hopping off I remember talking about how delicious my aunt’s lasagna was. The strawberry-shortcake cheesecake was amazing, how it cooled my mouth off from all that hide-and-seeking I had done. It was the most beautiful night I had spent with all my family. As we walk in the house we each go to our bathrooms and get ready for bed. Well I picked up my toothbrush and seen I had no more toothpaste left. Therefore on my way to my parent’s bathroom I heard a strange noise. It sounded like it was coming from the back of the house; the backyard. My room was the closest to it; I set my toothbrush down on the counter in the kitchen. Walked myself out to the backyard calling out for my dog, pinky, who I thought was making the entire ruckus. I came to find out that it wasn’t pinky. At first I had seen one big black shadow then saw it separate into two individual bodies. It ended up being a white man and women. I was standing there frozen not moving one muscle with a silver gun staring back at me. He looked like he had not shaved in years and smelled like it too. His skin so pale as white as snow, with shaggy long hair that went down to his earlobes. As for the woman, partner in crime, literally, had more of an angelic look…

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