Life Is Full Of Unexpected Surprises

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Life is full of unexpected surprises. Sometimes you can’t help the people you meet. You can have pleasant experiences, and other times they can be devastating. I had an experience that dramatically affected all aspects of my life. I can’t say that I know why things happen but what I have come to understand is that each hardship a person goes through shapes them into someone better and everything happens for a reason. Summer of 2010 I went to a concert with my friends and met a man that was witty and charming. We talked for hours and danced the night away. That night I knew that I was falling for him that very night. Our relationship continued for a couple of years, over the years I knew things were bad for each other but I just ignored all the signs. He would drink almost every day at least a twelve pack of beer a day. Sometimes we make excuses for the people that we love.
I was in a long abusive relationship for many years dating an alcoholic. I spent my years almost everyday drinking or at bars and I never really liked alcohol but your just trying to make your significant other happy. I dropped out of school to support his addiction and always made excuses for him. Being with him made me feel like I was always the problem; he made me feel that I was the reason he drank so much. The abuse just got worse and worse over the years we were together. It went from fighting and abusive words to physical abuse. The alcohol took over and as much as I tried and tried to

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