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------------------------------------------------- life is good (case study) FOM September 6, 2014 utban ali I13-0862 September 6, 2014 utban ali I13-0862 Q1.As the top managers of the company what types of issues might Bert and john have to deal with? Be as specific as possible. What management functions might be most important to them? Why? A1. The number of issues and problems they might face may vary from time to time as they depend on a number of things. As the top managers of the company they have to make very important and big decisions such as which market are they going to target and also which partners they have to cooperate. They might face issues relating to communication as if a company wants to progress the top…show more content…
Bert and John’s managerial style is quite open minded and they manage people who take action. It can work for other organizations as well. The top managers of life is good set up a particular motto and then enhance the company’s culture and allow the employees to feel themselves to be constructive parts of the company. This open mindness will work in other organizations as well because employees work better in such conditions where they are allowed to work freely and where their input is always welcomed. Q3. How do you think the company’s motto “Do what you like, Like what you do” might affect how mangers manage? Be specific A3. The motto of the company is Do what you like. Like what you do. This shows what kind of employees that the company will be hiring and will show that kind of atmosphere the top managers will provide to the employees. This will also show that the top managers want the employees to work hard and work with consistency. The motto is kind of the culture of the company and culture defines how a particular set of people live. Therefore the motto shows the managers will allow them to work in a way the employees like but will show keep a check on them and will ask them show consistency. Q4. What managerial challenges might there be in having friends work for your business? How could these challenges be kept inconsequential? A4. The challenges for having your friends work for you in your business are too hard to manage and control. As they are your
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