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Dashain Vacation Home Assignment-2069 Grade XI, Science Note: Home assignments of each subject should be done in different copies/papers. English 1. Write an essay on ‘Dashain and its significance in Hindu Religion’. 2. Prepare a report on ‘Global Warming, its consequences and solutions’. 3. Write an article on ‘Importance of Media’. 4. Write on ‘English for Global education’. Mathematics 1. Find the angle between the pair of straight lines x2 -2secAxy +y2= 0. 2. Evaluate: limx→∞ 3x2-2x+5x3 3. Prove that: A-B=B-A 4. Define lower triangular matrix with an example. 5. Find the equation of circle concentric with the circle x2+ y2 – 6x + 12y + 15 = 0 and having the area twice the area of the given circle. 6.…show more content…
9. State and explain Graham’s law of diffusion. a) The rate of diffusion of a saturated hydrocarbons (CnH2n+2) gas is 1.033 times that of O2 gas under similar conditions. Find the molecular mass and the value of ‘n’ for the gas. b) How many moles of O2 must be added to a mixture of 2.8 gm of CO and 3.2 gram of SO2 present in 7 liters flask at 25oC to bring the total pressure to 1.5 atm? 10. Describe the manufacture of nitric acid by Ostwald’s process. Write the action of i) Conc. HNO3 with iodine ii) Dilute HNO3 with Mn iii) Cold and conc. HNO3 with Fe 11. How Ozone is prepared in laboratory? Write its action on a) PbS b) HCl c) acidified K2MnO4 d) K4[Fe(CN)6] e) P4 12. State and explain Law of reciprocal proportion. 13. State and explain Law of multiple proportions. 14. State and explain Law of definite proportion. 15. Write a short note on Position of Hydrogen in periodic table. Physics Short Questions 1. What types of experimental data are most reliable? Describe in terms of precession and accuracy. 2. What is the angle between two vectors A and B for the cross product A.B = 0? 3. You throw a stone along-side of a river with velocity 20 m/s at an angle 40o that makes just cross the river. Is there another angle to achieve the same range? 4. A body covered a distance of 1 m along a semicircular path. What will be the magnitude of displacement of the body and
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