Life Is Like The Stanzas Of A Poem

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Life is a Poem “Life is like the stanzas of a poem.” Anne Sexton is unlike any other poets, her life, not only influences her poems, but her poems are part of her life. Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), Baby picture, and Music Swims Back To Me are three examples in which sexton describes her life as poems. The troubled childhood and the depressed adulthood of Anne Sexton lead to the depressed and dark nature of her writing. Trauma from the abused childhood brought about the depressed nature of her poems. In Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), Anne sexton describes the troubled nature of her childhood. “I was forced backward. I was forced forward.” “Each night I am nailed into place.” (st.7,line 5-7.9) That feeling of being forced and helpless. Being drained of life by the one who was supposed to keep her safe cannot be forgotten, if we try to ignore the feeling it will just eat you inside. Sexton unlike others did not try to forget it but embraced it into her poems as a way of treating her depression. She said it aloud to the world in the form of her poems. This depression took the form of words and is an important element of sexton’s work. Like in the first stanza when Sexton was hypnotized and taken when she was 2, and then to the seemingly loving sound of her father: “Little doll child, come here to Papa. Sit on my knee. I have kisses for the back of your neck.”(st.1, line 15-19) But the meaning becomes very clear as the poem progresses. Although, Sexton’s poetry is mainly sad and
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