Life Is Made Up Of Choices

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Every day people all over the world share a several universal experiences, and the most common one of these is choices. Life is made up of choices. I believe life is just a series of decisions we make, and depending on our choice, must live with the result of that decision. The choices usually consist of a multitude of possibilities and, whether real or imagined, we must recognize that in some way the decision will change our life forever. Therein lies the rub. Because there are so many factors involved with our decision-making and with its unknown result, many of us hesitate to even make a choice, thinking it would be safer and that we 'd be better off where we are instead of delving into the unknown. Just think of how many events in…show more content…
But with these destiny points firmly implanted in our soul makeup, we also have "free will" and can choose how we will live through the situation at hand. For instance, before making a knee-jerk reaction and judging someone, instead, you can take a moment and attempt to understand why this person is behaving a certain way, and you then may choose to react to the situation in a healthier, constructive way and demonstrate some compassionate. Market Economy Analysis: The poem overall makes us aware of being conscious of the choices we make and being accountable of the results. Even though we live in a society that relies on consumption and consumerism we can still make choices that support the sustainability and support of the overall wellness of society and the planet. Think of how our society today is trying togo green and become more conservative on issues that impact the environment. Piercy was ahead of her times by promoting how the choices we make today will have consequences that we have to live within the future. Piercy 's poetry reflects the celebration of life through good and bad times. In her poetry she talked about: Life Choices .Piercy shows different life choices with the use of “you can have…” something nice “but…” it will cost (lines 1-20).Piercy indicates the
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