Life Is More Than What Meets The Eye

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Life is More Than What Meets the Eye In life every human being will encounter an event that brings them pain and suffering. Buddha who was once known as Siddhartha Gautama life changed in blink of an eye when his father turned his back on him. The path that was chosen for him was one that would soon make everyone think about life in a way that one had not thought of it before. It makes one think deeper and really try to understand themselves as a human. William Drummond wrote, “Earth’s sweetest hoy is but disguised pain.” As human begins we try to think that our lives are never filled with pain and we keep busy in order to put a picture in our head that life is perfect. Buddha makes one go deeper with the four noble truths by explaining why life is associated with pain and desire and what can be done to accomplish the cure for these truths of life. Life is dislocated from an outside standpoint it is dishonest and only allows a human to see the happiness not the difficulties. Distractions in the daily lives of humans distract us from what really lies beneath the surface of life. Buddha goes through a phase of enlightenment that gives him purpose and that purpose is to tell human beings that there is more to life that just what meets the eye. One must think and dig deeper into their soul’s to overcome the obstacles that have got in their way to understand what life is all about. In order for a person to fully understand life they must accept that life is dukkha, pain and
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