Life Is No Easy Task

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INTRO: The life is no easy task, life isn’t fair, no one argues with that. Looking in history, the group of people who have the hardest life are the slaves. Slaves went through trials and hardships throughout their lives, not because of their choices, but because of the actions and choices their masters made. Frederick Douglass writes of his life as a slave. As a young boy, he lived with a Mistress who was teaching him to read. When the master found out, the husband, he forbade her from continuing; however, once he started, he couldn’t stop. He would ask the young boys he met along the street to tutor him. Douglass soon learned how to read and write. The narrative continues and illustrates how people treated him, how he grew and was in pain from learning; from his knowledge, he vowed to run away and become a free man. Slavery was in a state of turmoil. The north was against it, and the south would fail without it. Many people have written on slaves lives, one of which is Richard Huzzey. He states boldly that, “Human slavery moved against the grain of modern civilization,” (Huzzey). This is more of a Northern point of view. This also coincides with Lao-Tzu’s views as well; the people are supposed to be watched, not owned. Lao-Tzu also believes that the people will be able to take care of themselves if they are let alone. While reading from Douglass’ “The Narrative”, it was simple to connect the writing to Lao-Tzu’s political standpoints; there are points for both the sides of…
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