Life Is Strange :Life Is Strange?

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Life Is Strange “What,where am I ?”Max says in the pouring rain.”There’s the lighthouse,i'll be safe if I can make it.”Please let me make it there.Max walks toward the lighthouse.Before she makes it there,the top of the lighthouse falls on top of her.She wakes up in class.”Wha-? It was only a dream.” Victoria throws a crumpled up piece of paper at Kate. Why can't Victoria be a good person for one second?Max takes a “selfie”.”Shh,you see Max has taken a selfie,a dumb word for an amazing work of art,Now Max ,since you obviously wanted to become apart of the conversation, will you tell us who invented the first self portrait? “ Mr. Jefferson asks. Crap what do I say? “I don't know.” “Can anybody tell me the answer?” Victoria raises her “perfectly perfect” hand “Victoria.” “A French painter named Louis Daguerre,now you're really out of the retro zone,sad face.” Victoria gives Max a snotty look.The bell rings.”Don't forget,you everyday hero's assignment is due on Friday where you will ride with me to San Francisco and be feted by the arts.Max leaves to go into the hallway. Okay Max,let's go wash our face.Then we can leave.Max splashes some water on her face.She looks at one of her photos.Max you have a gift,don’t waste it.”Screw it.”She shreds her paper.A butterfly painted blue and black gently drifts in from a vent in the ceiling.Ok max,you don’t get a photo OP like this everyday.Max crouches down to the bucket where the butterfly landed.She takes a photo of the
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