Life Is The Way Life

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Life is something that requires a lot of physical and mental exertion. Some are sufficiently lucky to have everything arranged for them. For example, some are naturally introduced to cash; some run over favorable luck yet most buckle down from the begin to get some place on the planet. It simply all relies on upon how you were brought into this world. For a few individuals, life is brimming with anxiety and hardships. That is the way life was for somebody dear to me Kimberly Domonique. She had it troublesome from the beginning however, she picked not to give life a chance to get her down. At the point when life gave her lemons, she made lemonade.

Kimberly is from the island of Haiti, she moved to the states at the age of ten years old. She lived in Queens, New York with her step mother, she was enrolled in public school shortly after her arrival. Going to school in America was difficult for her because she did not know how to speak nor understand the English language. She told me that what was also hard for her was developing friendships because there was no one like her that had her background. She moved out of Queens because of the violence that was occurring between black Americans and foreigners. The problem was that the foreigners used their methods of learning from their country and used it to their advantage because education was not free for them like it is here in the states. So this allowed them to get good grades and advance well, which made the black

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